Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Tournament Announced


Mario Tennis: Aces was the ace of this Nintendo Direct.

Finally, Mario Tennis Aces will also support a full-blown campaign mode, which is the first entry in the franchise to do so since Gameboy Advance outing Mario Tennis: Power Tour.

Zone shots take energy, and you have a limited pool of energy to use each match. We also get to see some more features for Zone with the Zone Block and Zone Speed that will come in handy but not something you'll get to spam. You can disable these new features by turning on simple rules.

Although the Nintendo Switch is really where it's at, with an explosion of new titles to be released this year.

Ahead of the game's June 22nd launch this year, Nintendo is also hosting a special pre-launch online tournament. You can catch the full breakdown of mechanics below. First up, Kirby Star Allies will be jumping onto the Switch later next week. Players can swing rackets as one of over 15 characters. A demo for it is available right now.

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Octopath Traveler also got a wealth of announcements.

The teaser shows two characters from "Splatoon" shooting each other with paintball-like guns. Tressa can purchase special items and Alfyn is able to inquire for information. The game launches on July 13. Artwork and gameplay was revealed during the Nintendo Direct with a 2018 release window. The prelims will take place in the game's online ranked mode from March 8 - 18, and best eight players from each region will move on to the finals.

The Broadcast ended sporting trailers and updates for Splatoon 2, a sequel to the popular Switch game, and the sequel is just as good. The DLC will have you play as Agent 8 within vast secret subway subterranean world. Okami HD comes to the Nintendo Switch this summer.

The release date for the upcoming Tennis World Tour has been revealed.

Dark Souls remastered, the RPG notorious for its endless cycle of death with its insanely hard monsters, dragons and demons, will have an online network test for trying out the game, with details for that coming later.