Luigi's Mansion Coming To The Nintendo 3DS


The game has not been given a release date, but instead has been slated for release this year.

During the Nintendo Direct presentation today, Nintendo announced Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser's Jr's Journey for the 3DS.

Luigi's Mansion will head to 3DS later in the year, Nintendo has confirmed. Now 17 later, fans of the game will finally be able to play a recreation of the original game updated on newer consoles. It was also the first game in the Luigi's Mansion series.

The announcement of this GameCube classic shows Nintendo is not afraid to show their support for the 3DS market, even with the Switch's near universal success.

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This remake is sure to be a great companion to the sequel to the original game, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon that released on Nintendo 3DS in 2013. This version of the game will have a map of the mansion on the bottom screen.

Tonight's Nintendo Direct kicked off with four quick-fire reveals, with a few others that came as a pleasant surprise a bit later on.

Luigi's Mansion, originally released in 2001 on the GameCube, shine the spotlight on the tall brother.