Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Enjoy First Date Since Engagement


His decision to break up with Kufrin during Monday's season finale after they'd become engaged prompted such descriptive headlines as "horror", "brutal" and "gut-wrenching".

"You know, it's amusing that people often say, 'The show can be edited". One particularly eyebrow-raising detail that's emerged is that Lauren was engaged to be married - to an National Hockey League player, no less - as recently as July of a year ago.

As most Bachelor viewers are aware by now, Arie, 36, has been receiving major backlash after he dumped his first pick Becca Kurfin on camera so that he could start dating his runner-up Lauren. Maybe she felt that she saw this behavior during the finale as he switched to Lauren after dumping Becca.

Some Bachelor fans were so pissed off they made a decision to channel their anger through action.

Christensen couldn't believe that Arie would treat Becca-a Minnesota native who grew up in Minneapolis-so cruelly. Wrote another, "You'll author a bill banning Arie from Minnesota but the best you could do was offer prayers to the students & families of FL?"

A Minnesota lawmaker has drafted a bill banning the star of this season's "The Bachelor" from the state following the show's contentious finale episode.

Happy Madison'He had to do what he had to do and don't fault him for that. I would always want him to follow his heart and not be trapped in a relationship with me' said Becca

He needs 10,000 retweets on his original tweet to invite Becca. He showed proof of sending Becca an invitation to her home state's State Address. Drew Christensen-a Republican-is vowing to ban that guy from The Bachelor from hanging out in the state. The bill reads: The state of Minnesota hereby adopts a policy of zero tolerance of Arie Luyendyk Jr. from season 22 of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor couple Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham claim they are so happy together they want to tie the knot right away!

What is it like to choose between 29 woman and ultimately decide which one she going to be the one you share your entire life's with?

Yikes! But, Minnesota isn't the only state that has something to say.

The beleaguered Bachelor, who faced significant social media criticism for his cruel treatment of Becca Kufrin, popped the question on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.

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