Windows 10 S Mode Coming In 2019, Microsoft Confirms


Rumors of Windows 10 S's demise - as a distinct operating system - have been confirmed.

The operating system was rolled out in May 2017 as a stand-alone version of Microsoft's OS for desktop. Microsoft's latest OS collects some data for personalisation and product improvement, as it is a mixture of software and services.

You can check the gallery and changelog provided by Microsoft below to have a first look at these privacy changes.

This platform will become available starting with the next release of Windows 10 that is set to arrive sometime later this month. The near-term implications for Windows 10 S haven't been explained, so it's unclear whether customers can expect new device launches that utilise the platform. Insiders will see different versions of the new privacy interface, allowing Microsoft to see which options might work best for a wider audience.

That build, No. 17618, brings back the Sets feature that Microsoft cut from Redstone 4 earlier this year.

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Other updates in the Windows 10 preview build released yesterday are aimed at fixing glitches that users might have encountered with OneDrive files, the Microsoft Store, Windows Mixed Reality, and touchpad/touch keyboard usage.

Some recent estimates suggest Chrome OS now owns about 60% of the U.S. education market in grades K-12.

Windows 10 S is eerily similar to Chrome OS.

Less than one year ago, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its Windows platform called Windows 10 S. It was a curious endeavor right from the get-go. Belfiore made this statement in response to a tweet pointing out that Windows 10 S wasn't mentioned in tweets and news stories promoting the role of the PC laptop in education. "I think it's totally fine/good that it's not mentioned".

An oft cited complaint, or even reason not to upgrade to Windows 10, is due to privacy concerns.