1K children killed in Syrian war this year


There are almost 400,000 people trapped in the besieged suburbs with little access to food or medicine.

"The suffering, it's tremendous", he said, in an interview that will air on Wednesday morning.

Monday's shipment was the first to enter eastern Ghouta amid weeks of a crippling siege and a government assault that has killed hundreds.

A boy stands on the rubble of a damaged building at the besieged town of Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, Syria March 5, 2018.

"Mothers were telling me that their children did not see the daylight for 15 days".

Laerke said the team found a desperate situation for people who have endured months without access to humanitarian aid.

The government routinely removes lifesaving medical supplies from aid convoys, in a pattern of denying such aid to civilians living in opposition areas.

It says some life-saving health supplies were not allowed to be loaded.

The delivery of humanitarian aid and medicine to civilians was under threat of disruption due to the two-hour delay which was caused by prolonged talks between jihadists and convoy members.

According to the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation, there have been no records of any civilians leaving Eastern Ghouta during the eight humanitarian pauses so far.

The findings were reported by the U.N.'s Commission of Inquiry on Syria on Tuesday. Ali al-Za'tari, asked the government to commit to a ceasefire on Thursday to allow more aid in. "Not next month. Stop the attacks on children, schools and hospitals in Syria", the UNICEF posted on its official twitter account. That pushed the death toll to 760 in the last three weeks.

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France and Britain called for an emergency Security Council meeting to discuss the failure to implement resolution 2401.

Russian warplanes have taken part in the eastern Ghouta operation, and the White House has accused Russia of complicity in the killing of civilians there.

The onslaught has since taken more than 40 percent of Eastern Ghouta and killed more than 800 civilians. "They don't want aid; what they want is the shelling to stop".

Jaish al-Islam spokesman Beriqdar claimed that a rebel minefield killed a dozen government soldiers near Misraba as they attempted to advance from the nearby town of al-Shafouniya on Tuesday morning.

He appealed for a sustainable solution to the security situation in eastern Ghouta so that more aid could be brought in.

Live footage broadcast by Syrian state TV from the outskirts of the town of Mesraba earlier on Wednesday showed enormous clouds of smoke rising into the sky.

The US State Department's claim that Russian Federation and Damascus "show complete disregard" to the humanitarian crisis in the area bears no relation to reality.

UOSSM, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, said victims in eastern Ghouta reported an attack on Monday that left victims coughing and red-eyed; there were no fatalities, but the symptoms were consistent with chlorine gas, the group said. Casualties from the ongoing regime raids may rise, said the agency. The reports could not be independently confirmed, and Russian Federation used its Security Council veto to freeze the work of a United Nations body investigating such reports earlier this year.

Russian Federation recently offered safe passage for Syrian opposition fighters in Eastern Ghouta.

Moscow and Damascus say the Ghouta campaign is necessary to halt rebel shelling of the capital.

A Syrian army colonel said forces will lift the siege on the militant-held Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, making it possible for people trapped in the embattled enclave to return to the "state's embrace" soon.