Amazon to Drop Nest as Google War Escalates


Amazon now sells a limited number of Nest products but they will be removed from the retail giant's website once all of the inventory has been sold. It's unclear if third-party Amazon sellers will still be able to move Nest goods.

Because of that, Nest has made a decision to stop selling all of its products on the online retail giant as soon as inventory is sold out. The tech giants are racing to become the leader in this market, as both are building AI-powered voice operating systems, which are increasingly seen as a key channel for reaching consumers in the home. It's also moving big into smart home products, like its $US1 ($1) billion acquisition of doorbell company Ring. The retail giant clarified that the decision had nothing to do with the quality of the Nest products, which consistently received great reviews on Amazon's listings.

Nest, which makes smart home products including security cameras and thermostats, has been owned by Google since 2014 and only last month its CEO announced that its hardware division was merging with Google's.

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Amazon and Google's cold war is entering a whole new phase, with the former now taking strides to ensure that none of Nest's products are sold through its platform.

Fight! Fight! Fight! The ongoing seismic (yet somehow, undeniably petty) tit-for-tat scuffle between Amazon and Google continues to rumble on.

Amazon announced that Google's newest models of its smart home device lineup Nest will not be listed on the website. Amazon has an Alexa device that is leading in controlling home appliances from lighting to televisions. The feud is believed to have first started in 2015 when Amazon pulled Chromecast products from its platform due to a lack of support for Prime Video. Amazon pursues to sell homogeneous products from August and other companies, but soon won't have to worry about advertising one of its main competitors on its own store. That's likely a place where Amazon will compete with Google's Nest.