WWE Doubles Down On Brock Lesnar's Status With The Company


In the WWE, Lesnar will be back in action at WrestleMania 34 in April, where he will defend his Universal title against Roman Reigns. Rousey is also a former UFC champion that gets a lot of mainstream sports media attention already. By the time "Raw" was over, however, I got the sense that the fans' anger and/or apathy on both fronts was dissipating.

Despite the obstacles in Lesnar's way and a mirky recent past in the UFC, White is hopeful the former heavyweight champion will return to the sport this year. Announced for the show is Asuka vs Nia Jax in a rematch from WWE Elimination Chamber. That visual guaranteed the show would end on a high note rather than the crowd booing the victorious Reigns.

The "WrestleMania" main event that seemed destined to be a disaster now has a chance to work, and it could be due in part to Reigns getting "real" over these next few weeks.

Which isn't to say that Lesnar wouldn't want to make that move. The segment would've even featured Lesnar calling Reigns a b**ch. The second is because there could have been heat on him for the photo that Dana White sent out of Lesnar during the Elimination Chamber event and they chose to not use him at all. UFC President Dana White was asked about Lesnar returning while being interviewed by SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

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The key now is for Lesnar and Heyman to abandon their "tweener" roles and go full-on heel. "And we're all sick of it", Reigns said.

It's reported that Lesnar is more interested in negotiating his next deal than becoming a "team player" in WWE.

We're not talking Mayweather money or anything close, but it would be more than Lesnar could bring in at the twilight of his WWE career, at age 41, and it could be a fitting cap to a career that has included an NCAA championship, multiple WWE title runs and a UFC heavyweight title.

The report also clarifies the circumstances surrounding the Raw situation. "I mean they could do that as well and perhaps they should".