Amazon Web Services widespread outage causes Alexa to lost her voice


"To truly realize that vision, you'll want a number of things: you'll want to have it everywhere, be able to talk to it from anywhere, be able for it to do all of the things you would want an intelligent assistant do for you, and ultimately do it in a very conversational way", Amazon Vice President of Alexa, Al Lindsay, told Yahoo Finance in an interview previous year. Amazon's very own smart voice assistant may receive an important update soon as the top e-commerce website is believed to be thinking of making Alexa able to translate from one language to another.

No celebrities came to the rescue, however, as many in the US and Canada experienced unresponsiveness and a red ring with a message to try again later beginning around 9:30 a.m. EST. It would ideally have an understanding of Japanese culture as well and would incorporate that knowledge into its translations.

A widespread issue appears to be affecting Alexa's ability to communicate with Echo speakers. When you finally do get something out of Alexa, it will be the fact that it's lost connection.

In the long run, sources say, Amazon also wants Alexa to be able to translate conversations with multiple people speaking different languages all at once.

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According to the report, Amazon's team never pointed fingers at company CEO Jeff Bezos, but Nest employees reportedly ended the call under the impression that the decision came from Bezos.

Amazon Alexa is already capable of translating short sentences in English into 36 different languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian and Thai.

Amazon hasn't commented on this report as yet so it's unclear how far along the development is on these capabilities and when we can expect them to go live.