Vivo Apex Hands-On: The Most Innovative Phone You Can't Buy


The device comes with unprecedented top and side bezels of just 1.8mm which is the thinnest in the industry and the bottom chin are just 4.3mm leading the smartphone to screen to body ratio of 98%.

The Concept also equips an 8MP Retractable camera that rises and retracts in 8.8 seconds when you want to use it. Vivo also included a DAC and three amplifiers inside.

The smartphone maker has fitted the world's first half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology in the APEX phone that lets the complete bottom half of the OLED screen recognise a fingerprint.

The firm has today revealed a new concept phone with the first half-screen, in-display fingerprint scanner.

Screen SoundCasting Technology turns the entire APEX display into a speaker, sending vibrations through the screen, and ditching the normal, and usually sub-par, phone speakers.

Previous year in June, Chinese smartphone brand Vivo showed off a prototype smartphone with on-screen fingerprint scanning technology. It argues that it should save on power, reduce sound leakage and offer a superior audio experience.

Vivo was quietly showing off the next generation of smartphone technology in a nondescript meeting room tucked away from the MWC show floor, which is where I got the chance to see it up close.

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From breakthroughs in audio, photography to In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, Vivo has remained committed to realizing our vision for future smartphones.

Altogether, these mish mash of solutions have resulted in an actually working phone that is nearly 98% screen. Does something like the Vivo Apex excite you? So, many of you are probably wondering where is the earpiece on this handset, as it is not visible above the display.

This means users can pick up their phone and easily unlock it, but for extra security, users can program the unlock setting to require two different fingerprints. Looking back to the Essential Phone - our previous "standard" for bezel-less design - had an 84.9% screen-to-body ratio.

The Apex packs an OLED display of unspecified size that is surrounded by essentially no bezels.

Another interesting thing about the Vivo Apex concept phone is the SoundCastin Technology.

If Vivo managed to tuck the front camera without compromising bezels, there was no question of adding one for the speaker. While this is - again - a concept, this might be the reality we are quickly approaching. "We will continue to explore all possibilities to bring the best possible experiences to our consumers", said Alex Feng, Senior Vice President of Vivo, commenting on the launch. That phone was unveiled last month at CES 2018.