Net neutrality repeal takes effect April 23


"We agree with NAB that, given licensees' ability today to immediately access FCC rules via the internet, requiring broadcasters to retain hard copies of the rules is no longer necessary", said the order.

US Senate Democrats, who hold 49 seats in the 100-person chamber, have the backing of 50 senators for repeal, leaving them one vote short of a majority. If Senate Democrats succeed, a measure would still have to pass in the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, state attorneys general have already signaled their intention to file lawsuits challenging the net neutrality repeal in court, as have pro-net neutrality advocacy groups. It won't get past President Donald Trump's desk, but it will force a vote and some think that the voting record could result in changes in mid-term elections. The publishing of the final notice on Thursday means these parties have a 10-day during which they must refile their lawsuits. Net neutrality proponents argued that the FCC needs net neutrality to prevent ISPs from unfairly blocking, throttling, or preferring some content, while conservatives argued that net neutrality would diminish the freedom of the Internet.

In December the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) overturned net neutrality rules instated under President Obama. In theory, service providers could choose which companies succeed and fail. It will have many competitors.

Net neutrality is the basic principle that all internet traffic should be be treated equally.

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Companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter support the rules. A small concession provided is that domain name servers (DNS) are deemed essential for consumers which forces internet service providers to better maintain their systems.

In addition, multiple states have proposed legislation that would create laws similar to Net Neutrality in their jurisdictions. Earlier this month, New Jersey enacted its own net neutrality regulations, joining Montana and NY in making their own net neutrality policy.

It's a somewhat ironic development.

"We won't waste a minute in our fight to protect net neutrality because it's our mission to ensure the internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all", Mozilla wrote on its blog. Despite the probable success of federal preemption against laws that simply replicate Net Neutrality at the state level, there are other legal approaches that might avoid it. In a statement timed with the FCC's December vote, Comcast said, "This is not the end of net neutrality".