Performers urge Japanese men to 'say it with flowers' on Valentine's Day


However, there is a reason, Valentines day came to be and many people probably don't know. Like when we don't have it in our lives, and the whole world feels intent on showing us how much other people do, and how great it and sexy and full of heart-shaped chocolate it is. Making the day about you can be whatever you want it to be, so there's no way to mess it up. Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, people in one-sided love, heartbroken people - all find different creative and romantic ways to confess their love.

The creation of "Galentine's Day" is something that I have learned to look forward to now. But it's a nice day for people who are in a relationship to remind themselves that they have somebody who is really important and also it's a nice day for singles to remind themselves that one day in the future they're going to be falling in love.

Whether you believe it or not, jewellery always does it for women when it comes to gifts.

Valentine's Day has been big with my girl gang. For most people, the rules of Valentine's Day are simple.

Tejasswi Prakash: Valentine's Day remains special for me.

Self-care isn't all bubble baths and scented candles, but pampering and relaxation are pretty valid acts of self-care that can help you de-stress after a busy day. No feverish planning of a romantic dinner, no stress on your wallet, and no worries about whether your S.O. will like what you planned for them. The reactions I receive are priceless, and I never forget those moments when I see their faces that were once sad turning into joy.

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Movies have mocked the poor single individuals who desperately search for someone to be their "valentine" for one day out of the year.

The Valentine's Day that many have come to know and love (and loathe) has evolved quite a bit from times of desperate love letters while in prison and fertility rituals in pagan Rome.

Today is the holiday everyone loves - or more commonly, loves to hate. You can share them anywhere you want and ensure that a hearty laugh will ensue. When you are able to love yourself first, you're not focused on the depressing self-loathing thoughts that can sometimes creep in, leaving you feeling worthless and even more alone. Today, it is estimated that Valentine's Day boasts the second most cards sent of any day of the year, eclipsed only by Christmas. You can also feel loved to be with your friends and not just in a relationship.

Do yourself a favour: go back as far as you can remember, and write down every accomplishment of yours that has made you proud. So, go volunteer at your local animal shelter or soup kitchen and spread the love, because what you give is what you get. Other affordable options include gift cards, books, or a book of coupons, which allows couples to celebrate their affection all year long. Valentine's means spreading love in any way you can.

Experiences turn into cherished memories, Heinold says, and it's easier to figure out what would interest your partner than you would think.