IOS 12 for iPads Looks Like a Big Bummer


Apple's next major software update, iOS 12, is expected to come out this fall. Apple is also planning to bring Animoji to FaceTime, allowing you to place them over your face - sort of like the filters and lenses already available in popular social apps, such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple's focus on squashing bugs in iOS 12 has delayed a bunch of features, including nearly anything significant for the iPad, until 2019.

Some of the new features and arrivals expected include bringing iPhone apps to the Mac like Home, which controls several devices.

What do you think about Apple's decision to get back to perfecting their iOS software?

The Bloomberg report also sees the decision to give engineers more time and the discretion to "push back features that aren't as polished to the following year" a cultural shift in the company that is known for "quick turnarounds and flashy upgrades". After launching a series of updates that have contained bugs and undeveloped features, Apple's faced criticism from its users and developers.

Some iPad-specific features are said to have been delayed until 2019.

This has been the story with iOS 11 through the last six months as numerous bugs and half-baked features were reported frequently.

Although the company remains committed to an annual software update, this autumn's update will lack a number of features, according to Bloomberg.

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Just 65 percent of iOS users have embraced Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 11, compared to 79 percent for its predecessor last February - according to Apple's developer website.

According to people familiar with the change, Apple will continue to have an annual release, but engineers will focus on features that will be released over the next two years, allowing them to move out features that aren't ideal yet.

Piggybacking off of that expanded camera technology, Apple is reportedly working on multiplayer modes for augmented reality games that would allow multiple people to play the mixed reality games at the same time.

YOU may have to wait an extra year for some of Apple's biggest app updates.

Apple has a very convincing rational behind delaying various features and adopting a new iOS release cycle.

It's probably also good news for software engineers at Apple, who may get to take a break now and then from the relentless marching forward of the army - though some all-nighters are most likely still in their future.