Instagram now notifies users if someone takes a screenshot of their Stories


The new feature will send a popup saying the other person will be notified that you have taken the screenshot.

The feature that shows when you screenshot Instagram stories only shows who has watched the story when you tap the "seen by" area at the bottom left corner.

Those participating in the trial don't get a specific notification when someone takes a screenshot, but they can see a new camera shutter logo in the list of names of story viewers.

Instagram introduced a similar feature in November, 2016, which alerts the user when someone takes a screenshot of their Direct Messages. Screenshot notifications are rolling out to Instagram, with warnings to the screenshot taker that the story poster will be notified if screenshots continue.

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It looks like the feature is now available to a small number of users, with a wider roll-out expected soon.

It's worth noting that some Twitter users are reporting a couple of workarounds to this new feature. Instagram confirmed the feature with TechCrunch, though not everyone is thrilled with it. However, with the upcoming feature, it will be easier for you to keep a tab on who is secretly saving a screenshot of your the vanishing stories.

If rolled out, this feature would essentially align Instagram with Snapchat in terms of how the platform deals with screenshots. By screenshotting the Story, you are going against the photographer's wishes - however little they actually care in practice. Do you take a lot of screenshots on Instagram?

Users in Japan had reported seeing the screenshot notification warning in January. That's because there's a chance some accounts could lessen their use of the app if they find out that they can't screenshot posts under the radar. That being said, we will let you know once the feature is live for everyone and if there's any ideal workaround to prevent the other person from knowing it. With the ability to see if somebody screenshotted a public story, well, in the words of one Twitter user: "Creep wisely."