Head of HTC's smartphone division resigns


Chang joined HTC as its Chief Financial Officer in 2012 before becoming the smartphone and connected devices president in 2016. As for the reason behind Chang's decision to resign, the release says he is leaving due to "personal career path".

After recently selling a large portion of its smartphone business to Google, HTC's President of Smartphone and Connected Devices has announced that he will be stepping down to pursue his own "personal career plan". The bottom line is, Chang is out and HTC, at least for now, is not replacing him.

Last year's HTC U11 was a great device that we're excited to see a follow-up on, but details on when the HTC U12 will arrive are essentially unknown at this point. The company has announced that it's Smartphone and Connected Devices Business president has left the company.

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The company did not mention who will take over this role, but it's obvious that Chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang will have to work more to find a replacement. Currently, Chang's position as head of Smartphones remains unfilled, another indicator that perhaps HTC is moving on from that side of the business. "We thank him for his dedication to the company for the last six years and wish him well in his future endeavors". It is expected that HTC will launch HTC U12 sometime in 2018.

Leading up to the deal, there were reports that Google was interested in buying HTC's entire smartphone division. The handset should then go on sale sometime in March or April, competing at the high-end segment of the smartphone market.