Google is developing 'Stories' to make web search results fancier


Google launched its own "stories" format Tuesday to compete with Snapchat and Instagram with image-driven news articles aimed at mobile phone and tablet users.

AMP, short for Accelerated Mobile Page, loads content extremely fast. Smart replies is already seen in Google's Allo and many other apps but Google's Reply is different as it brings smart replies directly into the notification panel.

AMP stories is all about encouraging new forms of expression and storytelling, so we expect most publishers to not be already publishing this kind of content out on the web now. What is AMP? AMP is a Google's project aimed at faster delivery of content. READ NEXT:Android P to have "notch" design to rival Apple's iPhone X However, Google's widely seen to be using AMP as a predatory way to lock publishers into its ecosystem. It's now going to modernize email using this frame with a feature it's calling AMP for Email.

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Alphabet Inc. has recently unveiled a new feature that would allow publishers to create visual Google AMP stories in a format similar to that popularized by Snapchat and Instagram. The "AMP for email" will is meant to "modernize" email, says the search giant. Vox, unsurprisingly, used it for explainers, among other things, and Mashable probably went further than most by using video, sound and animations across most of its stories. "AMP for Email will also make it possible for information to easily kept up-to-date, so emails never get stale and the content is accurate when a user looks at it", Aakash Sahney, Product Manager, Gmail wrote in a blog post. Given the reducing attention span of users and the explosion in content availability, it is imperative for publishers to indulge in eyeball-grabbing offerings. Full support in Gmail is expected later this year.

Pinterest, and Doodle are developing features for AMP for email.

Examples of this heightened interactivity will reportedly include the ability to RSVP to events, fill out forms and essentially browse entire AMP-enabled websites without leaving your inbox, according to The Verge.