Typing "lobster" now easier than eating them thanks to emoji


The Unicode Consortium announced 156 other new emojis Wednesday besides the coveted lobster, including a pirate flag, a softball, a female superhero and a mosquito. Internet arbiter of teen cool The Unicode Consortium has published the new list, which contains superheroes, red-headed people, and a brand-new party face.

Is there an emoji missing that you want?

As reported by Emojipedia, the Emoji 11.0 update will likely arrive to users in the second half of 2018. Android release dates are a little less predictable, but before the end of the year is a good bet.

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The lobster and other new emojis will start showing up on mobile phones in August or September, according to the Unicode blog post.

Are you ready for a new set of emojis? Apple and Google make the actual emoji images themselves, leading to occasional controversies, such as Google's inability to build a decent burger. Included, as mentioned, are red-haired or bald men and women, those with white - or gray - hair, and an accurate representation of someone with curly hair.

There are also more sports and activities like sewing, knitting, lacrosse, and skateboarding. Check out a video from Emojipedia that shows off all the recent additions below!