Upcoming PlayStation 4 update includes playtime management


The main new feature seems to be a slightly updated design, and a giant "NEW" on the front of the box, lest you forget for a few minutes that this was in fact an item fresh off the production line.

With this new feature, users can listen to their favorite tracks while streaming games on PS Now.

Hold onto your seats because a new firmware update for the PS4 Pro is about to bring your older TVs back to life.

For families, Sony is adding Play Time Management. Some of the big features coming in the software update include Play Time Management, Library UI updates, enhancements to Quick menu, and more.

For example, a parent can decide that their child is allowed to play their console for a total of two hours each day, but not play at all after 10pm. This PS4 tab lists all the apps installed on the console, and the tab with your name and avatar lists all the apps you bought with your PSN ID.

The Library also includes a PS Plus tab, which shows your available games. If one's PS Plus membership is expired, a PS Plus icon with a lock appears next to games obtained from PS Plus.

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Users will also be allowed to hide certain apps under the "Purchased" tab by pressing "Options", including betas, trials or demos that they would prefer not to be shown.

Now on to the quick menu improvements. On top of that, pressing the "square" button will let you change up volume controls for both Spotify and PlayStation Music. And when you're on the Media Player or the USB Music Player, "triangle" will work as the shortcut for play or pause, and the "square" button as the volume control.

Listening to music on the PS4 will now feature Quick Menu shortcuts.

PS4 has had support for both store themes and turning screenshots into custom backgrounds for a while now, so you were able to easily display pot-smoking grim reapers or sweet Uncharted 4 vistas as you wished. This is another feature that's useful for gamers who don't want so much clutter on their PS4.

The update also lets users import their own images via USB in order to create custom wallpapers. Once imported, you can even zoom, crop and preview them in-situ to help get the flawless look on your dashboard. With supersampling mode, games that render to a higher resolution when connected to a 4K TV will downscale to match the HDTV - allowing PS4 Pro owners to leverage the benefits of an image clarity boost even if they don't own a 4K TV. The Headset Companion app remains compatible, allowing players to load custom audio modes to enhance the audio in select games. Sony notes that not all games will get better image quality when Supersampling Mode is enabled. With the beta in full swing, Sony is detailing what testers can expect from 5.50. Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.