Nintendo Will Still Support 3DS Handheld


That's up from its initial projection to sell 10 million Switch machines, which was raised previous year to 14 million. Some of these games would include Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros.

There's even rumours that Nintendo might be ready to play with the winning formula when the latest Pocket Monsters do finally hit the Switch.

According to Nintendo, the online service will be releasing in September 2018.

Nintendo Switch Online is expected to be the Nintendo Switch version of the PlayStation Plus for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Live Gold for the Xbox One.

The Switch, so far, lacks this capability. But, the way more and more third-party games are rolling in for Switch, we have a hunch that this hybrid console will be around for a while.

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There would be no way of retrieving your progress.

"I sent my Switch to @NintendoAmerica for repairs (it stopped connecting to the dock) hoping they'd do a system transfer to a new Switch for me", reads the tweet.

More than 300 software titles are already available for Nintendo Switch from other software publishers.

In the interim, Switch users have been able to utilize the console's various online and multiplayer services free-of-charge, but that will change in a matter of months. For a monthly fee of £3.99 or £19.99 a year, you'll get access to the same online play you've been having for free since launch along with a smattering of other features - some of which are still unconfirmed. Nintendo did not specify what day the online service will release, just that it is set to launch at some point in September.

It's a big questions for both Nintendo Switch gamers and company investors, who will be hopeful that the maximum amount of consoles can be shipped in 2018. The service contains a bunch of extra benefits for Switch players, such as online gameplay, lobbies, voice chat and a "Classic Game Selection".