Vince McMahon's XFL to kick off in 2020, will you watch?


The XFL was a financial flop that crashed and burned after its first and only season in 2001.

McMahon said it will not affect his WWE role as chairman or creatively at all, and that he thinks the distribution will be a combination of standard and a new way.

And I don't think people are going to buy that.

"As for the game itself?" So if he's got the goods, he's willing to play ball. McMahon wanted his players to stand for the national anthem, though stopped short of saying it was mandatory.

Featuring scantily clad cheerleaders and baffling rule changes such as a scramble between players rather than a coin toss, the league attempted too much, and in too extreme a manner. We have two years now to really get it right.

Vince McMahon hopes the second time is a charm.

"This could be a gimmick-free XFL, perhaps without nicknames such as Rod Smart's "He Hate Me" stitched on the back of his uniform. I don't believe this guy specifically". "It wasn't a joke".

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WHEN people think of American football they nearly certainly think of the NFL, the National Football League.

"We're going to listen to medical experts and heed their advice", McMahon said.

Thanks to the XFL, Singh is the answer to an obscure sports trivia question.

Ed Maylon at the London Telegraph slammed the league as the "NFL for Trump supporters" and the far-left Guardian of London sneered the XFL was "the ideal exponent of Trump's America". "People don't want social and political issues coming into play when they are trying to be entertained", he asserted. Don't get me wrong. We're there to play football.

According to McMahon, the XFL will be a "re-imagined" football game with eight teams, with the locations still undecided.

"The XFL and WWE will have no crossover, unlike the first incarnation when wrestling announcers and personalities such as former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura dominated the football telecast".