Wendy Williams Made The Most Inappropriate Comment About Kylie Jenner


Maybe their Kardashian sources are planting false denials so Kylie can give birth in peace. One screenshot claims that the texter's friend's friend's sister works at the hospital and saw Kylie in labor.

Kylie Jenner is allegedly in labor... my sources have confirmed.

"This cheating thing with Offset and Cardi has got her more anxious than ever", the insider explained.

"Oh I don't know what you're talking about", Kardashian, clearly covering up something, said.

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One person shared a tweet saying: "My theory is that @KylieJenner really is pregnant and she hasn't been seen in public because she isn't allowed lip filler so her lips are thin af and she just isn't ok with this hun". "I'm not sure what upset her more, the comment about Travis not wanting her anymore or the stuff about her baby's face". Bodies can change, and for someone in the public eye it can definitely be hard to try and keep up the appearance of how you're "supposed to look".

However, calm down, folks - that Snapchat was actually sent in December, and Kylie isn't in labour.

In November, cameras caught rapper Travis Scott hanging out with Kylie in Houston. Since appearing on E! television show since the age of nine, Kylie has gained over 95 million Instagram followers and is one of the top 10 most followed people on the app.

This is all to say we're exactly in the same spot we were before everyone thought she went into labor - and Kourtney's probably avoiding her mentions and laughing at her growing number of likes in the meantime. News that the couple grabbed lunch from MOD Pizza in Houston on Tuesday. "Kylie worries that if Offset is being unfaithful...it could mean that Travis, is too". "There were only about eight people total in the restaurant", the eyewitness tells us.