Overwatch League: Twitch snaps up broadcast rights


On Wednesday, video-game company Blizzard Entertainment launched the inaugural season of its competitive Overwatch League, the first major test of its dedicated esports broadcast facility in Burbank since it opened a year ago. You'll get 100 free Tokens if you log in to the game before February 13, but after that you should expect to pay a bit of cash to show your team spirit. This time the league will be broadcasted exclusively by Twitch. A separate League Token system is used for those purchases and players will be able to choose the exact skins they want, no RNG involved.

The Overwatch League streams its games at times that are not ideal for European and Korean viewers, so we may see a rise in viewers from VODs.

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(Blizzard Entertainment)What are the Overwatch League skins? In the league there are 9 North American teams and 3 worldwide teams.

Like every OWL team, the Gladiators and Valiant depend on skilled players from different parts of the world, recruiting from as far away as France and South Korea. Fans stayed throughout the day, the seats still full past 9 p.m. when Dallas and Seoul were still waging war in an early frontrunner for best Overwatch series of the year. The Atlantic Division teams take the stage at the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles on Thursday. It may have money to spare - its parent company, Activision Blizzard, Inc., earned $6.61 billion in 2016 - but it doesn't have a lot of experience running professional game tournaments. The final match will pit the Dallas Fuel against the Seoul Dynasty at 8 p.m. OVERWATCH, OVERWATCH LEAGUE, BLIZZARD and BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT are trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. If a player is doing particularly well, or the commentary is focusing on them, the camera sticks on them until a major play takes place. It's professional without being sterile - commentators MonteCristo and Erik "DoA" Lonnquist inject a ton of personality into proceedings, making it nearly as enjoyable to listen to as it is to watch. "You have over-the-top advertising opportunities that wouldn't exist in traditional sports". "January 10th is an historic day for esports and we are so grateful to our team owners, our media partners, our sponsors, and most of all our players for their pivotal role in the establishment of the Overwatch League".