UCF fans troll Alabama with hilarious billboard in Tuscaloosa


U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy got a bucket of Florida oranges and a University of Central Florida football helmet Tuesday from Alabama representative Mike Rogers as part of a bet.

Thirty-seven fans of the team raised $1,665 on a GoFundMe page to pay for a digital billboard ad that reads, "Congratulations Alabama".

Soren Petro, a radio show host in Kansas City, inexplicably gave UCF their lowest ranking at No. 10 behind teams such as Auburn (which UCF obviously beat head-to-head) and Miami (which lost their home bowl game). The group, however, missed deadlines, so the fans changed the ad and the made arrangements to put the sign near the University of Alabama.

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Combine that with the Peach Bowl win over Auburn, and UCF has a respectable three wins over Top 20 teams in this set of rankings. People are so upset with UCF crowning themselves national champions, and now people are even complaining about them getting first-place votes. And don't underestimate Nick Saban's ability to drum up the "disrespect" angle as well. If you don't want UCF claiming to be national champions, then don't let them go undefeated. "I mean, I'm fine with it", he went on.

The undefeated Knights have challenged college national football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, to a football game following their 13-0 season via billboard.

If UCF and Alabama played this year, the Tide would've been favorites, as they are against every team they play.