'All The Money in The World' Triggers Wage Gap Debate


USA Today reported that Wahlberg's team negotiated a hefty deal when sudden reshoots had to be conducted for the film following the sacking of Kevin Spacey.

The producers' failure to pay Williams more than her per diem might have been an insidious attempt to take advantage of a woman. The pay disparity also reflects poorly on William Morris Endeavor, the agency that represents Williams, Wahlberg and Scott.

Scott had previously told USA Today that the actors did the reshoots "for nothing" - meaning union minimums - and that he also did not get paid.

Another anonymous source said Wahlberg's lawyers sent a letter to the film's financiers opposing Plummer's addition until payment was met.

That's the claim from USA Today, who report that Williams was paid less than 1% of her male co-star's fee for the reshoots, and wasn't informed of the move. "She's a brilliant Oscar-nominated Golden Globe-winning actress", raged indignant U.S. actress Jessica Chastain on Twitter. Scott said publicly that everyone involved in the reshoots did so without additional compensation.

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Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World made headlines late previous year when the director was forced to reshoot the film following sexual misconduct allegations made against former star Kevin Spacey. Wahlberg's agent Ari Emanuel - the person that Jeremy Piven's character of Entourage was based upon, which was by the way produced by Wahlberg - was in part able to grant his client this advantage because the actor reportedly initially signed up to do the film at a pay cut to add prestige to his résumé. The first was the desire to replace Spacey so the movie would not be shelved, and to demonstrate that studios and directors didn't have to stand by high-profile men who were accused of heinous behavior to justify their investments. It remains unclear why Wahlberg's contract lacked reshoot clauses. "She deserves more than 1 per cent of her male co-star's salary".

Imperative Entertainment, the company that produced it, ultimately agreed to US$1.5 million.

But with Williams already on board and the clock ticking towards the release date, Wahlberg's representatives knew they had leverage over the production team, both the Times and TMZ said. Now, it has been revealed why and how Wahlberg was paid so much more than Williams and, the answer isn't in the least bit comforting. Her haul wouldn't even earn her a place on the men's top 10 list. He asked his primary agent, Doug Lucterhand, to push for more money.

Wahlberg had earlier agreed to take about 80 percent of his usual quote - which is in the $15 million range - to appear in the film.