Here comes faster 802.11ax Wi-Fi


In addition, the new standard will also increase network efficiency and extend the battery life of client devices. Only Draft 2.0 devices will be eligible for 802.11ax certification and get the Wi-Fi Certified badge. 802.11ax is the newest IEEE standard for Wi-Fi and is created to meet the ever-increasing demands on Wi-Fi in our connected world.

Intel announced this week that it'll have chips ready within the year for the next generation of Wi-Fi - what's known as 802.11ax.

From devices to the data center and every point in between, Intel is collaborating with leaders in the industry to unleash a new era of smart and connected home experiences for consumers - which starts with Intel inside. The certification process makes sure that all Wi-Fi products work together as they're supposed to, and the Alliance is correct that it usually marks the beginning of a new era of Wi-Fi.

Any household with lots of devices connected to a central router would benefit from 802.11ax, as well. This is important since a more mature draft - Draft 2.0 or higher - will be the baseline for 802.11ax certification, and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED* is the only way to truly guarantee multivendor interoperability.

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Mobile processor manufacturer Qualcomm was even earlier than Intel, as they have produced 802.11ax compliant chips as early as February of this year.

To help OEMs transition to the new standard, designs based on Intel's 802.11ac infrastructure chipset - the Intel Home Wi-Fi Chipset WAV500 Series - can upgrade to 802.11ax with no change to the host SoC. "As a greater number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices are added into homes and enterprises, the 802.11ax standard will gain more prominence in the marketplace", analyst Christian Kim said.

Apart from Intel, several other WiFi chipset vendors are expected to announce 802.11ax based chipsets at CES next week.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is still hammering out an official specification for 802.11ax. It will also provide enhanced throughput rates, and low latency in gaming, video, and voice calls.