CTE Expert Calls BS on Cam Newton's Claim of an Eye Injury


The Saints beat the Panthers, 31-26, to advance to the divisional round of the playoffs, and after the game, the boisterous Jordan shared some comical remarks about both Kalil and Carolina quarterback Cam Newton.

The NFL said it was in contact with the Panthers medical staff.

In the fourth quarter of the Panthers' wild-card matchup against the New Orleans Saints, Newton thought he'd eluded Tyeler Davison, and as he tried to stand upright he collided with defensive tackle David Onyemata. As he walked to the sideline, Newton went down to the ground, where he pointed to his eye as trainers checked him out.

According to Fox Sports' Chris Myers on the broadcast, Newton's visor poked him in the eye, a unusual explanation following a crushing blow.

The co-founder of the Boston University CTE Center believes Cam Newton suffered a concussion during Sunday's National Football League playoff game. and says Cam's excuse for going back in the game is a joke.

The league and the players union changed its concussion protocol last month after Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage returned to the field after having a concussion that left the quarterback's hands shaking after a hit. If the concussion protocol was not properly followed the team is subject to discipline, including a $150,000 fine.

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Newton and coach Ron Rivera believe his helmet was just hit low enough over his eyelid.

'NFL concussion protocol should have dictated taking out Cam Newton and examining him immediately after direct hit to his head, ' Pat Leonard wrote. Hurney said, "We did everything right", when asked about Newton's treatment. He was surprised to see Newton return to the game, he said.

"I don't think so".

The Panthers' handling Sunday of Newton's injury drew criticism by Chris Nowinski, the founding CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation. "But again, I'm not the doctor", Rivera said.

When a reported noted that Jordan's sauce comment was a callback to Newton's joke, Jordan said, "Petty, right?" "We romped him good".