Bigg Boss 11, Day 99 written updates


At first the contestants gang up on Shilpa but when the journalists counter them, Hina and Vikas look shocked.

Later, Bigg Boss announced that the ranking was their nomination task and from position third to sixth, the contestants were nominated for evictions.

During the season, Arshi and Shilpa were seen engaging in some massive fights when the former was present inside Bigg Boss 11 house. With just a week left to the grand finale, this was the flawless opportunity for the gharwale to express their angst, opinions and make their stance clear in front of the junta, who will vote for them. From Hina's memory issues and Vikas losing his charms to Shilpa being a non performer and Puneesh's failed relationship with the housemates, the contestants would be left speechless with journos bombarding them with some tough questions. Initially, when she and Vikas had locked horns, a lot about the two were revealed on the show.

Bandgi Kalra is even catching up with Priyank Sharma outside the house. As Puneesh's loyalty towards his allies in the house is questioned by the media, he tries his best to prove that his friendship is, in fact, true and real. While Vikas will support Hina, Puneesh will take Shilpa's side.

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During the press session, Shilpa cleared her stance on being the "Maa" of the house and taking whole charge of the kitchen.

In one of the biggest surprise visits of the season, the gharwale find themselves in the midst of media personnel at a press conference held inside the Bigg Boss House. Puneesh jumps to Shilpa's rescue and compares her to the "Typical Indian Housewife" who despite doing all the hard work is made to feel like no work has been accomplished!

It seems that Bigg Boss has done wonders in Bandgi's life. All they have is a week to change, alter their game, behaviour, strategy and their fates!