Almost $1 billion up for grabs in Mega Millions, Powerball jackpots


It became even more hard to hit a Mega Millions jackpot beginning with the October 31 drawing when the matrix of balls was altered.

"I can take care of my family", added Wright.

Even when Cheryl Lynn was told she's more likely to win an Olympic gold medal than win the lottery, which, statistically, she is, her resolve held.

"This is my first time playing either one, so I'm having fun", Halliburton said.

"We have had significant jumps in the jackpots over the past couple of days, which is something we don't really see at midweek increase", said Chris Rogers, the deputy director of products and marketing for the Arizona Lottery.

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"I would use that money to give back". "Then, it breaks my heart seeing homeless people on the side of the street".

He believes this is due to the recent cold weather, and the fact people tend to typically spend more on the lottery during the holidays. "So if I win, I guarantee I will start a funding specifically for those two". "Hopefully, the Georgia Lottery's gonna fill my needs and come my way", said Jeff Carpenter.

There were 167 prizes worth $1 million or more went unclaimed in fiscal 2017 alone, according to Jacobson's data.

But it's not a big as the Powerball jackpot available Saturday night. "And we've got this special $5 bundle - the "5 buck bundle.' If you go in and ask for a '5 buck bundle", you get one of all three ticket, the NSJ ticket being free". The Powerball is $358.5 million. We don't always hit the jackpot, but we did once in Arkansas.

DE has never had a MegaMillions jackpot victor, and the state's last Powerball victor came in December 2017 when a winning ticket worth almost $122 million was sold at a Selbyville gas station.