North Korea accidentally hit one of its own cities with missile


However, if a new report is accurate, North Korea had one of the biggest failures in its missile program in 2017 after one failed shortly after launch and crashed into a North Korean city.

The Diplomat report also claimed that North Korea's missile program was more advanced than the USA and its Allies had anticipated despite the April 28 launch failure and its inherent dangers. The Diplomat magazine quoted a source in the USA intelligence wing as saying that the missile exploded on impact and caused extensive damage to industrial and.or agricultural buildings where it crashed.

A United States government source told the site the rocket failed one minute after it was launched and came crashing down "causing considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings".

"The Diplomat explained how the liquid-fueled missile likely crashed and caused a "large explosion" in the city, and from Google Earth images, it looks like the crash site was very close to residential and commercial buildings". However, it is not known whether any loss of life was reported. The Diplomat says the missile caused "considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings" but couldn't confirm if there were any casualties.

Since the failed test, North Korea has successfully launched an ICBM, and the tension between the two countries has ramped up significantly.

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The missile launch went largely unnoticed due to its failure, but concerns were raised in Washington about the risk of an accidental conflict starting in the event of a similar such failure. "A slight difference in trajectory may could have resulted in an even more catastrophic accident over a populated region".

It marked the first missile launched since one was sacked across Japan and into the Pacific Ocean on September 15.

North Korea may have accidentally hit one its own cities with a missile, it has been claimed. Apart from Hwasong-12, North Korea also developed intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 and the Hwasong-15 a year ago.

Those threats came as North Korea held a massive parade in its capital Pyongyang on Saturday to mark the 105th anniversary of its founding father Kim Il Sung - and to showcase its military might.