New LG 4K UHD Projector Launching At CES


It can support up to 150-inch screen at 2,500 lumens, which makes it the brightest projector on the market. It's a 4K UHD projector with the name HU80KA. We'll have to check it out in person to know whether this massive peak light output is matched by decent black level performance to complete the HDR experience.

LG said the new HU80KA projector is at par or excels its competitors while still sporting smaller dimensions. This is actually LG's brightest projector to date.

Carrying the model name HU80KA, the projector, according to LG, is created to provide users with a superior cinematic experience without having to compromise on the display quality.

The company says that the latest projector is half the size of traditional 4K projectors on the market.

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On top of the 4K resolution, you also get support for HDR video with HDR10. Of course what would a "cinematic experience" be without some great sound. This projector is a portable device that has a mirrorless I-shaped engine, which allows the user to simply place it on the floor or hang it on the ceiling. There are two 7-watt speakers built into the projector which would be fine for casual watching but if you want the immersion, it is recommended that you hook the projector up to an external speaker system via optical, HDMI or Bluetooth.

The projector also comes with carrying handle and Auto Cord feature and there is a Mirror Reflector that acts as lens cover to protect the device from dust.

LG 4K UHD projector owners will have no shortage of content to watch, as the projector's webOS 3.5 smart TV interface can access the most popular online streaming services offering 4K content. LG did mention that it will be on display at its booth during CES next week, so expect more details on this projector in the next few days.

No news on availability or pricing yet for the projector, but we hope to see it in Malaysia soon.