Apple's (AAPL) App Store Reports Record New Year's Day Sales


In what will be a boost to iOS developers (and a blow to some Android devs), Apple has gone out and acquired Buddybuild, a Canadian startup that makes tools for app developers.

Apple has bought Buddybuild, a start-up service that offers support to app developers with user testing and iteration.

So, now Apple has acquired the startup and now, the entire Buddybuild team will join their hands with the engineers in Xcode engineering group at Apple to "build awesome developer tools for the entire iOS community", with Buddybuild being rolled into Xcode itself.

The Canadian firm also made clear that its entire roster of talents will remain in Canada and that its core service "to build, test, and ship iOS apps to testers" will remain available to existing users.

"We are thrilled with the reaction to the new App Store and to see so many customers discovering and enjoying new apps and games. Beta testers and stakeholders get a streamlined, "one click" install experience as buddybuild manages provisioning profiles and devices for you", the company wrote.

Vancouver-based Buddybuild was founded in 2015 by former Amazon employees Dennis Pilarinos and Christopher Stott.

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Moreover, integration of machine learning with Core ML in building apps is also attracting developers to the platform.

Developers favor Buddybuild, as the tool affords them quick and easy deployment of mobile applications through multiple channels such as GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab. This is not the first time Apple has dealt a blow to the Android development community, either.

The Xcode engineering group absorbing Buddybuild will only make the iOS environment more developer-friendly and presumably make Apple steps ahead of Google.

This acquisition is similar to the move of Apple when it acquired TestFlight in 2014.

Aside from new hardware sales which inevitably spurted sales, Apple also places some of the responsibility for the increased income on the new App Store saying that it made "app and game discovery fun and easy for the over half a billion customers that visit the App Store every week". Unsurprisingly, the startup added that will discontinue existing plans and Android app development on 1 March this year.