Once in a blue moon happening twice in 2018


It's 2018 and fidget spinners are today's fish and chip paper because there's a new obsession sweeping the world on the first day of the new year.

The first full moon of 2018 will reach its peak tonight between January 1 and 2 - at around 2.24am.

January 31's supermoon, according to the space agency, will also feature a total lunar eclipse - when the Earth, sun and moon, line up in such a way that the Earth blocks the sunlight that would otherwise reflect off the moon. A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes completely through the Earth's shadow.

Tonight's full moon is the closest and brightest of the year.

For the January 31 total eclipse of the blue moon, viewers will be able to see it early in the morning though in Wisconsin it will be low in the western sky.

If you're planning to try to view the super, red, blue moon at the end of the month pick out your location well in advance and arrive about an hour before the beginning of the eclipse to catch the penumbral and partial eclipse as well. Tonight's Supermoon will appear 6 percent bigger and 14 percent brighter than the average full moon.

The moon is at its closest point to Earth - known as the perigee - around 221,600 miles away. It will be a neat site to see if you can fearless the extreme cold tonight, because we have a nice snow pack outside, which will reflect a lot of the light from the moon.

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This evening, pictures show the blood-red moon rising over Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear.

With the moon being as close to Earth as it is, there is a significant impact on the tides. "It didn't look at all brighter than normal".

And if you miss Monday's supermoon, the wait won't be long as another will take place on January 31.

"The supermoons are a great opportunity for people to start looking at the Moon, not just that once but every chance they have".

The full moon on January 2 was also a super moon because it was within 361,000 kms. The next full moon will come on 7 February at 4.54pm so it's not quite as much of a late night.

The good news... you will not have to wait long at all.