Instagram Adds Recommended Posts in Main Feed


Instagram is now rolling out a new "Recommended Posts" feature widely to its users.

To hide these recommended posts, tap the three "dots" menu above the post, then tap "Hide". Some users already took to Twitter to denounce the new feature, with many saying they prefer recommended posts to be separated from their followers' posts. Rather, the "Recommended for You" posts will be displayed after users view content from people they follow.

Instagram is continuously introducing new features to amuse its users. Instagram plans to have 3 to 5 recommended posts in your feed.

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Previously, users will have to go to the explore tab to see recommended posts, but the update has transferred these posts to the actual feed of the users. One of the largest one since the company made a decision to switch the standard chronological feed style to algorithmic one along with the introduction of applications. Instagram said there is going to be five posts suggested containing links to stuff liked by accounts that the user follows.

The good news is that the "Recommended for You" section is not meant to displace the content you care about in favor of Instagram's own suggestions.

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And just as users loudly complained when Instagram switched feeds from chronological to algorithmic, many users aren't happy with this latest move.

You can also now choose to follow particular hashtags, a neat and overdue feature that was introduced just a few weeks ago.

Tap (iPhone) or (Android) above the post. A user can also search for any topic on Instagram and launch the particular hashtag page.

There's no doubt that there will be a number of users who will not like the "recommended posts" feature.

According to reports, the feature was spotted while still in development and it seems that the social media giant has achieved refining the algorithm needed to pull off the recommended feature.