Markle Bond girl role?


Before her relationship with Prince Harry was publicly confirmed, Meghan Markle was reportedly being considered to play a Bond girl in the next installment of the "007" franchise.

Grant also stated that Markle was never estranged from anyone in their family but Markle's schedule made it hard for her to always be around.

Markle nor Prince Harry have responded to her families' comments on the matter.

Royal fans - especially those from cities - may find it tricky to emulate the famous family on 31 December, since the Queen usually enjoys riding on one of her horses to start the New Year.

This seems to ring true with Prince Harry, who has many friends in Botswana that see him as a human being and not a "walking status symbol".

"As I said we are really looking forward to the New Year and looking forward to 2018 because I'm determined to make sure that the pendulum is going to swing and 2018 is going to be a fantastic year".

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Meghan's mother is Doria Ragland, an African-American, who met her father Thomas Markle on the set of the USA soap General Hospital, where he worked as a lighting director when she was a temp in the studio.

The claim immediately brought scorn from Meghan's publicity-hungry half-sister, Samantha Grant, who reacted angrily to the newly engaged Prince's comments and vented her anger on Twitter.

Though the marathon will likely have to be put on hold, Markle may want to think about taking her resolutions a bit more seriously this year.

In fact, her resolutions might be recycled from previous years considering that, on her former lifestyle blog, the star revealed that she wanted to become more "ladylike" back in 2016!

At one point she was as short as 16/1, with Aussie actress Margot Robbie the favourite at 9/2.

"She has a large family. And maybe he will also realise that while Christmas is a time of jolly and holly, it is also a time of compromise and tact", she added. She always did. Our dad is incredible and completely self sacrificing. Marrying merely extends it.