Huawei Mate 10 may launch on AT&T in February


Although we don't know exactly what is coming down the pipeline from smartphone manufacturers, there are certain releases that come around every year like clockwork.

This information, according to GizmoChina, comes all the way from Israel during the launch of the Huawei Mate 10 smartphone in the country.

Well, if the Huawei 2018 roadmap leaked by Gadgety via XDA Developers is accurate, then the company will launch three smartphones in the flagship P series.

That same report also states that Huawei is planning on a $100 million marketing push in the United States which will accompany their flagship smartphone launch on a major US wireless carrier.

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Considering you're reading an Android blog, you likely already know that Huawei's devices have been on sale in the USA through unlocked avenues, but this would be the first time a flagship launch would take place via a U.S. carrier.

Huawei's P11 series is highly anticipated as it will be a new trendsetter for smartphones, with rumors of three rear cameras. In the same quarter, it looks like the firm will also announce at some point a scale and a 360-degree camera. Recently, numerous sources have claimed that Huawei trademarked the P20 name, and this latest disclosure bolsters up those claims.

The company plans to launch three P series smartphones - P Plus, P and P Lite - in Q2 2018. While there is no confirmation on the same, a presentation detailing all the launches for the next year was spotted online. The list also includes a MBB or Mobile Broadband device called Huawei B618, which could be a router or a modem.

As for the third quarter of 2017, a smartphone codenamed Honor 3 is expected to be unveiled.