Jennifer Lawrence gifts Kris Jenner toy Porsche on Christmas


So, when Kris Jenner asked her BFF Jennifer Lawrence for a Porsche for Christmas, imagine her surprise when she received one from Santa. Yesterday this led to a very special gift from Lawrence to Jenner in the form of a Porshe, which Jenner actually requested!

Porsches aside, Jenner and Lawrence became close this year after someone from Lawrence's team called the momager to inform her she had a big fan in the Joy star. Thoughtful and hilarious? Oh Jennifer, you lovable rascal. On Saturday, Kris posted an Instagram snap of the white convertible Porsche that Jennifer gifted her for Christmas. "My girl didn't disappoint", said the Kardashian matriarch. Thank you Jen I love you!'

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So, the Porsche is a little small for Jenner to actually ride, but it is the ideal size for her grandchildren. Check out the pint-sized Porsche below and let us know when Lawrence was officially canceled in the comments. "It's a major collaboration between him and me - we get so excited, we're like two little kids". The 62-year-old will also hold discussions with her children over what themes they would like to see each year.

"I drank five martinis and wound up naked in her closet, I'm dead serious", Lawrence told the audience. The girls are so cute with their suggestions and I say, "I think this party is getting away from me a bit!' But Khloe is always in charge of the music". God I love you #Jenniferlawrence thanks for making this night a night to remember....even if we did get caught'.