Kids fight over baby Jesus in White Pine Nativity pageant


In a hilarious church nativity scene at First Baptist Church of White Pine, Mary came to the rescue when the sheep took baby Jesus.

Assistant curate, the Rev Sue Tucker, said: 'It would be really lovely if the children dressed up in their nativity costumes, which they have from their nativity services at school, and as we re-tell the story of the nativity, they would all have a part to play.

That is, until Mary decides she is having none of it and tries to grab poor Jesus back from the sheep - a tussle ensues. "Laughed so hard I cried!" she wrote.

Teegan reached into the manger and pulled out the doll, proudly showing him to the crowd and dancing with him.

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She and the sheep struggled for a brief moment, before Mary was able to get the doll back in the manger.

The sheep, played by Tana Benson's little girl, Teegan, got up, took baby Jesus out of the manger and began to play with the doll on stage. "We weren't supposed to touch the baby Jesus!' I told her we were sorry!"

"Teegan loves babies and her love for baby Jesus was a lot stronger than she could handle", Benson said. "This is insane.' So then just the way I guess it just kind of went viral, as they say, it's been overwhelming for sure".

"These kiddos are such blessings to us all, and we are happy to be able to share a our joy and some laughs", said Tana Benson, here with daughters Teegan, 2, and Taylor, 11. "Do we stop them, what do we do?' And with tears in my eyes I said, 'no, I think it'll just make it worse we'll just wait till they're done'".