Kim Kardashian Opens Up About The "Frustration" Of Surrogacy


"The fact that this is just what we can do these days, I'm, like, really thankful", she said. Kris Jenner has forked out more than $9.9 million on a new Hidden Hills home - across the street from her daughter Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

"The surrogate that I really loved got approved and she is such a nice person, like she's so easy to talk to and she's the flawless fit for us". "It's so frustrating. It's really nerve-wracking because you know it's only a 60 percent chance it'll take", she told Khloé, "One didn't work for me".

It's the first time Kanye has ever appeared in one of the family's world-famous Christmas cards, and it's unclear whether or not he's the only partner to make an appearance.

Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian previously told fans that the 2017 offering would feature "women and kids only", and she and her relatives have been sharing teaser snaps of the finished product since 1 December.

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Kim took on the role of organising the Christmas card shoot this year, and said during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden back in November that it's "women and children this year". "It pisses me off that she won't say his name", Khloe says. Her sister Khloé Kardashian provided more details about the procedure. The sisters vow to "catch" Kourtney - meaning, get her to 'fess up! When she's not working on the Internet she's reading about the Internet, media, and pop culture. on the Internet. Kim's surrogate is reportedly due early next year. "Guess what? We're having a baby!" Khloe isn't placated, though, because everyone already knows, so she doesn't see the point of tip-toeing around.

Later, she admits that she does feel slightly "disconnected" from the happy news. She added, "I'm totally gonna forget and then a month before I'm gonna be like holy s-t, we need to get a nursery". "It's a weird dynamic".

"I go to all the doctor's appointments and I try to be really present, but when you're not carrying it yourself it is such a fine balance of how much you're going to be in their lives".

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