Warner Bros. to restructure DC Films after Justice League disappointment


Warner Bros. has reportedly made a decision to restructure its DC Films operation as a result of Justice League's disappointing box office returns.

Jon Berg, who now runs DC films, will be stepping down from his position, while Johns, who serves as chief creative entertainment officer, will remain in his role, though it is expected to become "more advisory in nature".

Justice League came, and in spite of boasting iconic superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, the film failed to impress moviegoers and critics. Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich is expected to name a new person to oversee the studio's comic book projects in the near future. The movie wasn't almost as divisive as Batman v Superman, but even those who appreciated Justice League's freakish blend of tones and defend the movie can't ignore that the movie failed to make the money a blockbuster of that size and cost should make. And the film's performance is now having ramifications for studio personnel. Snyder eventually left "Justice League" following the tragic suicide of his daughter and Joss Whedon was brought into finish the movie. Considering that China is the world's biggest market, what "Justice League" has achieved in just three weeks is good news for both DC and Warner Bros.

It also notes, as an aside, that there are now no plans for Zack Snyder to direct another DC movie.

Justice League might be edging towards $600m at the global box-office, but with Wonder Woman making much more than that on her own, the largely derided Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice nearing $900 million for its entire run, and Marvel's equivalent superhero mashup, The Avengers topping out at $1.5 billion, there is no other way to view the film than a huge failure.

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DC's only hope is to offer Christopher Nolan $500 million and total creative control in exchange for five years of his life to salvage this rolling disaster.

In an interview with Inverse, Wagner revealed that the footage was amongst several scenes filmed by original director Zack Snyder that were ultimately cut.

There looks to be major shifts at Warner Bros. with its DC Comics movies, and not even its top creatives are safe.

Meanwhile, as for the DC films themselves, it's safe to say we'll see Ben Affleck playing Batman at least once more in the planned Flashpoint movie, but Variety confirms the Internet scuttlebutt that Matt Reeves is looking to recast the role for his upcoming standalone film. Other films in development include Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam!