Quentin Tarantino working with JJ Abrams on new Star Trek movie


While production on Tarantino's currently untitled ninth film about the Charles Manson murders is due to begin next year, now The Hollywood Reporter claims that he has shared an idea with "Star Trek" revival director JJ Abrams and pitched a new instalment for the legendary sci-fi series.

A sci-fi/action movie like Star Trek would be firmly outside of the wheelhouse for Tarantino, who is known for his violent, dialogue-heavy and usually completely original films.

Turning A Classic Episode Into A Movie?

"You could take some of the classic "Star Trek" episodes and easily expand them to 90 minutes or more and really do some incredible, fantastic stuff", he said.

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But clearly, adding Tarantino's cache to the Trek franchise would be a major coup for Paramount.

J.J. helmed the two Star Trek films for Paramount in 2009 and 2013, but is now busy working on the Star Wars franchise. Tarantino noted that many classic Star Trek episodes could be "easily expanded" into a feature film, and he specifically mentioned the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" as one that could work on the big screen. He remains a producer on the current film series, even while he's entered the Lucasfilm universe with "The Force Awakens" and now "Episode IX".

In September, Tarantino told TMZ that "it would be worth having a meeting" about directing the next Star Trek movie. Moving beyond this stage would require a great deal of work before Paramount would consider greenlighting the project. However, he has served as a for-hire director in television before, helming episodes of both ER and CSI.