NVIDIA Brings SHIELD Console And Remastered Nintendo GameCube, Wii Games To China


The unit is the successor to the Shield TV and offers quite a bit of power under the hood, with the ability to run some graphically intensive games. The company has typically kept games with its most famous characters-Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and others-available only on its in-house consoles.

The catch, however, is that the game are unlikely to ever officially appear outside of China.

Among the Nintendo games being made available on the Nvidia Shield are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, first released in 2006, and New Super Mario Bros Wii, from 2009. For players looking for the motion-based controls, a Wii-style remote is also possibly coming with the Shield to capture motion-style play. More classic titles will be released next year and will receive visual upgrades, it said.

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In China the Nvidia Shield has just launched and is priced at RMB 1499, at the time of writing that's equivalent to GB£170 or US$225.

There's already a solid selection of Android games, ports of select PlayStation and Xbox titles, and even the ability to stream games from your Steam library if you have the proper computer hardware. Twilight Princess and PUNCH-OUT! in China. It's more than likely that Nintendo's partnership with Nvidia is a way for the console manufacturer to crack a notoriously hard market for consoles. The remastered games cost about 68 RMB, or $10 each. But while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have gone on sale in China, the Nintendo Switch has yet to hit store shelves. Similarly, Nintendo is partnering here with both Nvidia and Chinese streaming video platform Iqiyi to release its games in China - a smart move that enables Nintendo to push into one of the world's largest gaming markets.