Obama expected to attend climate summit in Chicago


Obama reportedly drew laughter from the audience when he said he had more followers than others "who use it more often".

Obama gave a speech to business leaders in the French capital on Saturday, describing what he said was the "temporary absence of American leadership on the issue".

"Not to generalize but women seem to have a better capacity than men do, partly due to their socialization", Obama added, according to AFP.

Obama was speaking at an invitation-only event called "Les Napoleons" to a group of media, finance and academic professionals while spending time in Paris over the weekend. Trump also has reversed Obama-era domestic climate initiatives, saying he wants to bring back the coal industry.

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Obama would not be drawn into other questions about the U.S. administration at the appearance where he called "destructive populism" a threat to modern democracy.

Though the former POTUS has tried not to tear into his successor too publicly. he has made thinly veiled jibes at his leadership like his tweet following Trump's failure to condemn the Charlottesville violence earlier this year. Though the US may be the only country that opposes the accord, Obama assured the audience that plenty of measures are being taken by state and local governments, as well as corporations, to combat the issue.

In comments likely to raise eyebrows in Brussels, Obama said that although Europeans should not take for granted what the European project has accomplished since the end of World War Two, decision-making in the EU could be improved. "What I would say is Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, all these various platforms are extraordinarily powerful tools, and those tools can be used for good and they tools can be used for ill", he said.