Space oddity: Tesla auto heading for Mars onboard first Falcon Heavy Rocket


The rocket, known as the Falcon Heavy, will lift off from Cape Canaveral, using the same launchpad as Apollo 11, Musk tweeted late Friday in the U.S. The business tycoon has also divulged that Falcon 9's more powerful sibling will carry his personal midnight cherry Tesla Roadster to space. Rather fittingly, the auto will play David Bowie's 1969 classic "Space Oddity" as it orbits Mars. While it does not have the thrust of the Saturn V moon rockets, it is smaller, lighter, and it is reusable.

If his Tesla company is still in "production Hell" with its most important product, the Model 3, his SpaceX company is doing very well, prepping to launch the Falcon Heavy, Musk's rocket for Mars. It was originally supposed to be launched in 2013 or 2014; however, it is now scheduled for January 2018 launch. "Will be in deep space for a billion years or so if it doesn't blow up on ascent", he added.

It has said that reused rockets will be a part of the maiden launch of the Falcon Heavy, which is essentially three Falcon 9 rockets, the company's current workhorse, strapped together.

SpaceX has revealed the updated schedule for Falcon Heavy's debut flight.

The rocket will be capable of lifting more than 54 metric tons, which is equal to a 737 jetliner full of fuel, luggage, crew, and passengers.

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Falcon Heavy is the followup to SpaceX's Falcon 9.

SpaceX also plans to be able to recover all three rocket cores that power the "Falcon Heavy", just like it has done over the a year ago with main rocket booster stage of its "Falcon 9" rockets, according to The Verge.

SpaceX wants to send their first cargo mission to the red planet in 2022.

The company also aims to launch a second mission in 2024, which will transport both cargo and crew to Mars with the main objective of constructing a propellant depot and getting ready for future manned flights. Not that the first humans on Mars will be able to drive it.