Woman 'has 50 surgeries' to look like Angelina Jolie


But not all of them have been kind about her extreme look.

An Iranian teenager has undergone 50 procedures in an attempt to look like idol, actress Angelina Jolie.

The real Angelina Jolie has not commended her endeavour- and is unlikely to do so; she has spoken in the past of her own struggles with eating disorders.

Judging by the photos posted to her Instagram, where the 19-year-old posts selfies of her drastic new look, Tabar has undergone lip injections, cheek implants and a nose job.

She's also shed a shocking 80 lbs in order to maintain a weight of just 88 lbs.

19 Year Old Girl Undergoes 50 Surgeries In A Bid To Look Like Angelina Jolie

And not all of the feedback from her 318,000 Instagram followers is positive, with some likening her to a "zombie" or a "corpse".

Sahar Tabar, 19, says "she would do anything" to look like Jolie.

While the jury is out as to the degree of surgery Sahar Tabar has subjected herself to, fans of the Iranian Angelina Jolie look alike say much of the "similarities" come as a result of Tabar using make up and clever prosthetics. Her latest picture has 14,000 likes with loads of comments. Many of her 408,000 Instagram followers are struggling to see the resemblance, though.

A TV personality Nadya who was known for looking like Angie had got some surgery done to look more like the actress. We must note, however, that some people aren't too sure if Sahar really went through with plastic surgery. A male fan of Kim Kardashian spent thousands of dollars to look like the celebrity.

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