The NFL Is Offering Players A Big Charitable Donation To Curb Protests


The defections of Reid and Thomas from the group of players dealing with the league on the player-activism agreement appear to greatly reduce or eliminate the chances that the agreement will end the players' protests entirely.

Jenkins says that he has been encouraged by the league's efforts in regards to social injustice.

Others think the deal is fundamentally in good faith, stressing that players can kneel or stand regardless of the league's personal preferences. "At no point did we ever communicate that an agreement with the NFL would end the protests, so for him to come to that point with the league, it was the last straw for me".

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump renewed his complaints about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem.

"That's just an individual decision for me", Jenkins said. 49ers safety Eric Reid and Dolpins safety Michael Thomas announced Wednesday they were withdrawing from the Jenkins- and Boldin-led Players Coalition over disagreements in the group's tactics and goals.

"The NFL continues a disingenuous approach to player grievances, refusing to match the urgency of this moment", Okung claimed, the Times reports.

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"It's apparent the National Football League is trying to buy an end to the protests", Reid said on Wednesday.

Jenkins said Thursday he most recently spoke with Kaepernick several weeks ago and that he hopes to work with the former San Francisco quarterback and Reid moving forward. "He thought it would be best to work and support us in an informal capacity". "There have been a lot of conversations that have been had internally between players, and I'll keep those conversations private, but I'm obviously open to speaking with all these players".

"There are things guys have been working on and talking with the league about how we can amplify the voices of the players to draw attention to the injustices and issues of equality that we're trying to highlight - help us with solutions and try to make our communities better", Jenkins said following the Eagles' win over the Panthers on October 12.

Players have stated that they've been protesting police brutality and other facets of in the criminal justice system they believe unfairly treats people of color. "He's trying to make it as easy possible to do that for the owners".

Jenkins said he's encouraged by what he and other players have accomplished since he first raised his before a Monday night game in Chicago against the Bears on September 19, 2011, joining the movement Kaepernick catalyzed. The objective of the coalition was to bring light to topics such as social injustice and protests around the NFL. "So it would really be no skin off the owners' backs: They would just move the money from those programs to this one". What we didn't have was a conversation with players in the coalition based on some of the responses that we got from the league.