Now Qualcomm files new patent infringement complaints against Apple


Qualcomm is alleged to be infringing on eight battery life patents.

Apple Inc on Wednesday filed a countersuit against Qualcomm Inc, alleging that Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile phone chips that power a wide variety of Android-based devices infringe on Apple's patents, the latest development in a long-running dispute.

Earlier this year, Qualcomm accused Apple of infringing several patents related to enabling "high performance in a smartphone while extending battery life", and is attempting to get iPhones banned in the U.S. as a result. Apple is seeking damages for the alleged patent infringement, but the company did not reveal how much it hopes to win.

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm continues to heat up. When we last visited the battlefield earlier this month, Qualcomm sued Apple, alleging that the company shared confidential baseband source code with Intel.

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The filings were issued yesterday, shortly after Apple filed its own patent infringement lawsuit against Qualcomm.

The patents the Cupertino tech giant is alleging were infringed are focused on the phone processor using only the minimum power needed, turning off parts of the processor when not in use and facilitating the processor's sleep and wake functions.

While the royalty fight works its way through the courts, Apple is not making payments to Qualcomm, and Apple has told its suppliers - particularly Foxconn - to withhold payment to Qualcomm as well.

One of the three cases filed Thursday in a California court is a companion civil lawsuit to a new complaint also filed the same day with the ITC that seeks the remedy of banning iPhones with Intel chips, Reuters reports. In a connected case, Qualcomm charged the contract manufacturers that create Apple's devices, however Apple associated with the team to defend them.