Officer-involved shooting in Arlington mall


A scary situation as holiday shopping turns into holiday shooting at the Parks Mall in Arlington. It all started when police say the man stole sunglasses from a store.

The officer then fired several times and hit the suspect, officials said. "At one point during the call he said, 'I know Arlington is looking for me but I got a gun so if y'all pull me over I'm gonna shoot so just be ready.' " Cook said Dodd ended the call and the dispatcher called him back.

The unidentified suspect was taken to an area hospital.

As mall security investigated the call, two Arlington officers also moved into assist.

On the second call returned to Dodd, the operator tried to get identifying information from him but Dodd had changed his mind and refused to turn himself in. She told police that she had loaned the vehicle to Dodd on Friday.

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"We've had a lot of news releases highlighting the dangers with replica, imitation guns", Cook said. Police didn't pursue him in that case since they recognized Dodd after running his license plate number.

Cook said the police are working with the District Attorney's office to file the appropriate charges against Dodd.

An hour later is when they received the theft call at The Parks Mall.

He added that the Department will continue to push for some form of regulation against replica guns, such as the one used by Dodd.

Cook said the department has seen imitation weapons circulating for quite some time and "serious conversations as a society need to be had as to why the imitations look so real, including talks directly with manufacturers".