Christmas tree farm ready to sell trees


Local tree vendors are finding it hard to keep customers satisfied. They were soon joined by Brianna, 12, and family friend, Jacob Andriola, in forming a human-chain pulling on the tree.

Struggling to squeeze in a Christmas tree that's too tall and wide for the space in your home, leaving you reaching for the secateurs in an effort to cut it down to size?

As for the Mitchells, their tree may be smaller this year, but they were still happy to participate in a tradition that's been going on for generations.

"Ultimately, you have to cut where is necessary to make it fit the space, but there's a tidy way of doing it", says David.

What to do? If you want the giant, lush tree of your dreams, you may have to get out there early - and pay a heftier sum for it this year.

Good night, tree: Turn the lights off on the tree before you go to bed or you leave the house.

The lower branches of the evergreen moved back and forth in rhythm to the rasping noise coming from the base of the tree where two pairs of jeans-clad legs stuck out.

"I think it's just more Christmasy, and they feel more excited about it", said Sulligent, AL resident, Cindy Hughes.

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While her mother, Dee Talmadge, has given up having a live-cut tree in her home, she joined the group in their tree hunt.

And with a warm Thanksgiving weekend, this year, Maggie, Madelyn and Allyson were able to take a little extra time to pick out the ideal tree. A tree's vascular system is right under the bark, and it is important to keep it as intact as possible so that the tree can absorb water freely.

If the branches break, you might want to find a different tree to bring home this season.

The Boyds donate a big tree to the Hāwera Hospital every year, and have many other regulars - some had already got in contact to secure a tree.

Once you find some of your favorite trees in the lot, make sure to check the branches. The fire in the watered tree didn't spread and remained contained.

"But it's a great thing for families, you have kids running all over the place".

Tree farms across the area will be cutting trees up until a few days before Christmas.