Jeff Bezos Is Now Worth £100 Billion After Amazon Black Friday Sales


Amazon Founder, CEO and Chairman Jeff Bezos has become world's latest billionaire with $100 billion net worth.

The founder of the world's largest e-commerce company made almost Dollars 2.4 billion on Friday alone. Bezos' climbing net worth is due in part to an exceptionally profitable year for Amazon, which saw the acquisition of Whole Foods. Today, he is another of those fortunate individuals whose net worth has hit $100 billion mark.

It was gathered that Bezos' fortune went up $2.4 billion to $100.3 billion, as the online retailer's shares jumped more than 2 percent on optimism for Black Friday sales.

It climbed after reports showed online shopping for Thanksgiving and Black Friday jumping 18% over past year.

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The hike in Mr Bezos's wealth had soared by $32.6bn this year up until Thursday, with the extra $2.4bn landing in his pocket ahead of the consumer frenzy, and secures his position as the world's richest man. It also makes him the most recent person to rack up a 12-figure fortune since Bill Gates managed the milestone nearly two decades ago, in 1999.

Bezos is followed on the list of wealthiest people by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Currently Gates is worth an estimated $89.4 billion.

Bezos surpassed Gates in October as Amazon delivered better-than-expected quarterly profits on the back of its ultra-successful web services arm of the business. Unlike Gates or Buffet, Bezos has neither pledged his wealth for charity nor has he done too much about it. It will also be interesting to see whether or not he will announce anything significant in the way of philanthropic endeavors in the short term.