Miley Cyrus Celebrates 25th Birthday With Cute Throwback Pic


Miley's pregnant! I mean, normally this kind of thing annoys me, but the Kardashians have made us all insane when it comes to celebs being preggers and not confirming it. Kris Jenner is a genius publicity machine, but she's seriously going to kill me.

Miley Cyrus has dismissed rumours that she is pregnant after sparking speculation with an Instagram post where she is seen wearing a loose fitting top, with her hand placed on her stomach.

The Voice coach also posted a photo of herself in an over sized T-shirt standing among her birthday decorations and wrote: "So close to b-day time!"

Cyrus affirmed her supposed bump is not to be mistaken for a fetus, that she had actually just eaten "a sh*t ton of Tofurky".

Tufurkey is a vegan take on the classic Thanksgiving turkey dish which Americans have inhaled plates of today to celebrate their annual holiday. She chose to quit eating all animal products after the death of her beloved dog Flyod in 2014. "Ain't it ironic? #VeganTurkeyBaby", she captioned the photo, which showed her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, in a mirror in the background taking the snap.

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We're growing old gracefully on #GirlsWithGoals this week!


My man killin the game already!

At the bottom of the image, Miley added 'RUDE!' in capital letters over an assertion that she may be pregnant.

Cyrus recently revealed that much of her new album "Younger Now" was inspired by falling back in love with Hemsworth. This is just pressie #1!