Ivanka Trump: Malia Obama should be 'OFF limits' to the media


Days after TMZ posted photos and a video of Malia kissing a boy another video of the former first daughter blowing smoke rings has surfaced online. "She is a young adult and private citizen, and should be OFF limits".

Shortly after, another former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, tweeted a similar sentiment.

According to Daily Mail, the sophomore student identified as Rory Farquharson attended one of England's most prestigious schools before deciding to continue his studies at the Ivy league university.

As reports came in Friday morning about Egypt's most deadly terrorist attack, the internet was too busy watching Malia Obama blow smoke rings to pay much attention.

Farquharson follows President Donald Trump on his Twitter account but is not a follower of former President Barack Obama.

The ex-First Daughter has had problems being in the spotlight as she allegedly snapped at a stranger who tried to take her photo at Harvard, "Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?"

So, Malia Obama was caught, on video - wait for it - wait for it - SMOKING (gasp)!

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Ivanka Trump condemned recent media coverage of Malia Obama's social life at Harvard, where Obama is a freshman.

Clinton has also spoken out against media criticism of a child of the current president.

I just want Malia Obama to get some friends who won't film her every time she smokes.

A year ago her father revealed that Malia and her younger sister Sasha had already started dating, but joked that he was "pretty relaxed" about the prospect because the family still have Secret Service protection.

Her 2016 internship for now infamous sexual predator Harvey Weinstein's company also made headlines in the midst of the movie mogul's downfall.

Furthermore, Malia was the subject of several media reports indicating that she served as the intern with Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, and worked at the NY office in January.